Controversial ‘Lee Geun vs foot-and-mouth disease’ Road FC showdown?… Chairman Chung Moon-hong “must agree with fans and players”

Road FC Chairman Jeong Moon-hong (49) revealed his thoughts on the recent controversial debate between 800,000 YouTuber Lee Geun-jeon (39) and 150,000 YouTuber Foot-and-mouth Disease (30).

On the 31st, Chairman Chung opened his mouth about the ROAD FC pro stage game of foot-and-mouth disease with former Captain Lee Geun on his personal YouTube channel ‘Gao Hyung Life’.

Captain Lee Geun and foot-and-mouth disease, who came out of the recent trial, raised their voices in front of the court and exchanged physical fights, which became a hot topic. The incident spread online, became an issue, and received a lot of public attention. 스포츠토토

Afterwards, the foot-and-mouth disease said, “Looks like you like violence and instinct rather than law and reason, but I’ll stick with you (Captain Lee Geun-jeon) the way you like, so if you’re a man, don’t leave me alone and have a bout with me on the Road FC stage! The incident escalated further as he expressed his thoughts on his personal social network service (SNS), saying, “I would like you, Road FC CEO Jeong Mun-hong, to recommend a matchup between me and Lee Geun.”

Regarding this, Chairman Chung said, “It is not unconditionally possible. First of all, since it’s a match between professional players, I think, ‘Shouldn’t there be some kind of agreement between the players and fans’?” If everyone said, ‘I want to see it’, I didn’t think it would be ‘impossible’.”

In the past, in Road FC, there was a case where ordinary people such as Yun Hyung-bin (43), Kim Bo-seong (56), and Lee Seung-yoon (46) played the game. That’s why the possibility is shining, but if it goes against sports ethics, it seems that it will be difficult for a confrontation to take place.

Chairman Chung said, “I don’t think it will be a big problem if fans and players agree that matches between ordinary people such as Lee Seung-yoon, Yun Hyung-bin, and Kim Bo-seong are already made as special matches. However, there is one important element. Under the premise that the two agree, I think it would be most desirable to go on stage after training with professional players and going through the process of familiarizing yourself with some basic rules and techniques.”

In addition, Chairman Chung said, “The most important thing is that they have so much influence, so I hope that this work will be completed well and have a good influence by showing young friends that ‘adults’ fights can solve sports like this’.” added.

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