‘Combined’ with the coach who will fly to the US… Ko Jin-young’s next target is the majors

Won the LPGA Tour Founders Cup after an extension
“It played a crucial role in not losing at-bats in the 3rd round”
A month before the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship,
intensive inspection with Pro Swing Coach Siwoo Lee at the local site

Ko Jin-young (28), who won the second championship of the LPGA tour season, now turns to major tournaments. With the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship approaching and the US Women’s Open following, she started custom training with swing coach Lee Si-woo.

In the LPGA Tour Founders Cup, which ended on the 15th (Korean time) at Upper Montclair CC (par 72) in New Jersey, USA, Ko Jin-young recorded a final total of 13 under par, 275 strokes, and lifted the championship cup after an extended match with Lee Min-ji (Australia).

Ko Jin-young, who entered the final round 4 strokes behind leader Lee Min-ji after failing to reduce her number of strokes in her 3rd round, managed to win her exhilarating come-from-behind victory by catching only 5 birdies without a bogey that day. She was in poor shape, but her third round where she kept even par was crucial to her win.

Coach Lee Si-woo, who spoke on the phone with Ko Jin-young every day during the tournament, said, “I said that my body was heavy during the third round, but I thought it would be a lucky day if I didn’t lose at bats, so I asked him to focus on his swing pattern.” I think it’s great to have finished. She was able to carry the flow into the final day, especially with a birdie she caught on the last hole,” she said.

Ko Jin-young, who fell into a slump last year due to a wrist injury, met with her coach again during her winter training period to correct her overall swing. Coach Lee’s help was also great when he announced her complete revival by winning the HSBC Women’s World Championship in her first year in March this year. Ko Jin-young also commented on the good points of this season, saying, “Last year my swing was shaking a lot, but this year I am trying to keep it solid.”

Coach Lee said, “Since the first win of the 토스카지노 season, we have been discussing while exchanging swing videos. It was the largest amount in the last 4 to 5 years,” he said. “When Ko Jin-young practices alone, a pattern of hitting the ball with his wrist comes out. He often talked about swing patterns, so he went looking for a sense of security.”

The next goal for Ko Jin-young, who won her second win this season and her 15th overall, is to win a major tournament. He lifted his first major trophy at the ANA Inspiration in 2019 and won the Evian Championship the same year, after which he has been out of touch with a major for four years.

On the 20th, about a month before the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship at the end of June and the US Women’s Open in July, coach Lee Si-woo will fly to Texas, USA to check her swing. He said, “There is a part that is disconnected from the action that connects, so I try to focus on it. This is because it can be shaken if the swing tempo collapses.” Ko Jin-young plans to skip the Bank of Hope match play (opening on the 24th), the next tournament, and focus on checking his swing for major hunting.

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