Coach Cho Sang-hyeon of ‘The Game of Promise Again’, “If you don’t go too far… ”

LG players made a lot of appointments with Samsung.

Changwon LG will face off against the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball Seoul Samsung at the Changwon Gymnasium on the 10th. 2nd place LG is 3rd place Ulsan Hyundai Mobis. They are being pursued by 4th place Seoul SK. We need a win to keep our second place.

There is a reason to pay more attention to the confrontation between LG and Samsung. They are just immigrants. Starting with Lee Kwan-hee, Kim Jun-il and Lim Dong-seop moved from Samsung to LG. Im Dong-seop, who has only been with Samsung since his debut, faces his own team for the first time.

In addition to this, LG and Samsung are creating an increasingly complex relationship, including Jun-seok Yang, who is facing head coach Eun Hee-seok for the first time, and rivals Lee Kwan-hee and Lee Jung-hyun, who represent the league.

Attention is focusing on who will be able to claim victory in a complicated relationship.

LG coach Cho Sang-hyun Q. Ready for the game? It’s rather burdensome because it’s a 10th place team. We asked the players to do what we are good at. Samsung is also a team that plays defense, so they asked me to keep attacking even if the defense is not working. (Kim) Shirae and (Lee) Jeonghyeon have prepared for attacks that follow from the pick game. Q. In the Samsung game, the offensive power is particularly low. This is a tight defense team. It is a team that plays a pick game with little speed and slow tempo. And if you put the ball in the post, the trap is also a good team. You must prepare for the next attack derived from it.

Q. There must be a lot of players who care about the Samsung game, but is there anything else you talked about?
None at all. What (Lee) Kwan-hee or (Kim) Jun-il does is their own problem. He asked to go in the direction the team ordered. Since it’s team basketball, I hope we don’t dwell on trade and do what we have. No need to overdo it. Kwan-hee sometimes overdoes it. But my role is to catch it. a unique friend As long as you don’t overdo it, it doesn’t matter. 바카라사이트

Q. Samsung competes with only one foreign player. 
I used to play when Terry was alone, but now the players are all different. The content of the match against Samsung was not good. The beginning was particularly bad. At that time, there was only one foreign player, but in the beginning, I was afraid that a loose play would continue, so I plan to strengthen it from the start. Whoever the opponent is, we have to play our game.

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