‘Caught a rabbit with a big bet’ Yeom Hye-sun and Han Song-yi, who continue to accompany Ginseng Corporation

KGC Ginseng Corporation, which sent outside heater Chae Seon-ah to Pepper Savings Bank, succeeded in cracking down on rabbits by renewing contracts with Yeom Hye-sun and Han Song-i, who were considered the best.

Daejeon KGC Ginseng Corporation announced through a press release on the 18th that it had  completed renewal of contracts with Songi Han and Hyeseon Yeom, who had qualified as free agents (FA) within the team.스포츠토토

Ginseng Corporation, which had already announced during the season that it would focus on catching rabbits, announced a big bet, and at the negotiation table set up after the FA announcement, the two players signed the contract renewal documents without difficulty. Yeom Hye-sun became the highest paid setter with a total of 350 million won (330 million annual salary, 2,000 options), and Han Song-i also  renewed the contract under good conditions with a total of 210 million won (200 million annual salary, 1,000 options).

Cho Yong-chan, the new secretary general of KGC Ginseng Corporation,  explained the background of this free agency contract, saying, “We focused on maintaining the current team power as much as possible, which showed good performance in the second half of the season, through renewal of contracts with key players who play a pivotal role in the team.”  did.

Yeom Hye-sun, who received love calls from many teams as a setter, kept her loyalty to the club and was named the highest paid setter, saying, “I am grateful to the club for treating me the best among the women’s setters  . I think it was a season where I played volleyball.”

She also said, ” The decision to renew the contract was also greatly influenced by coach Hee-jin Koh, who created an environment in which happy volleyball can be played.  All players will come together and  prepare for the next season with the mindset of welcoming the 7th round of the 22-23 season.” conveyed his impressions. Han Song-yi also expressed

his determination, saying, “I am grateful to the club for recognizing my value as a player. I  will be more faithful to my role as the oldest so that I can win the championship at KGC Ginseng Corporation and retire.” On the other hand, KGC Ginseng Corporation plans to convene a team from the 24th to enter into full-scale quenching for the next season  . Photo = Courtesy of KOVO

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