Carrot Kim Seung-gi, who was hit by ‘his own basketball’ “Ginseng Corporation taught me wrong”

Coach Kim Seung-gi of the professional basketball Goyang Carrot said to the Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation players, who showed off their defensive power by recording 18 offensive rebounds and 13 steals, “I think I taught them wrong (?). “He smiled bitterly.

On the 17th, Ginseng Corporation defeated Carrot 76-72 in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball Semifinals PO (3 wins in 5 games) 3rd leg away game held at Goyang Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 17th.

As a result, Carrot (1 win), who suffered two losses first, was in danger of being eliminated from the PO.

On this day, Carrot was properly pushed by Ginseng Corporation in the long-term activity and ‘stealing defense’.메이저놀이터

Carrot, who made 19 mistakes in the second game and won easily, committed 13 mistakes in the third game against Ginseng Corporation’s active defense.

It is the first time that Carrot made a double-digit error after entering the PO. He had averaged only 5 in his previous 7 matches, including a semifinal PO.

Carrot also gave up 18 offensive rebounds. In particular, in the 4th quarter, which was the point of battle, Moon Seong-gon was allowed 4 offensive rebounds, and he seldom brought the right to attack.

The basketball that Ginseng Corporation showed on this day is the way coach Kim Seung-gi, the former head of Ginseng Corporation, likes to play.

Manager Kim emphasizes pressure defense to actively steal the opponent’s ball, offensive rebound to create more attack opportunities, and bold 3-pointers.

He said, “I told the players not to play a broken game like the first game (lost by 56 points), let’s try to the end, but as you can see (players) have no strength,” he said. . We were exhausted, so there was no player to break through.”

In fact, from the 2nd quarter onwards, Ginseng Corporation played a pressure defense all over the court.

Even Omari Spellman, a tall and slow foreign player, climbed to the bottom of the goal on the other side and tried with all his might to block the opponent’s advance.

Coach Seung-gi Kim put his tongue out at the high-intensity pressure defense of the ‘old disciples’ he coached until last season.

Coach Kim, who said, “I was frustrated (defense),” joked, “The opposing players are great. I think I taught them the wrong way, even Byun Jun-hyung, Moon Seong-gon, and Park Ji-hoon.”

“There is a big difference between playing with Choi Hyun-min and Park Jin-cheol and playing with Oh Se-geun. added.

On the other hand, coach Kim Sang-sik of Ginseng Corporation explained the background of putting Spellman into the defense, saying, “It is not possible to apply front pressure only to domestic players.”

Manager Kim Sang-sik said, “Spellman also said he would work hard today. Especially in the second game (which we lost), I think he was very disappointed in himself.”

Byun Jun-hyeong, the “assault captain” of Ginseng Corporation, who made a big success with 26 points, also showed off his pride as the main axis of the team, which used extensive help defense and high-intensity pressure defense first.

Byun Jun-hyung, who had been coached by coach Kim Seung-ki until last season, laughed, saying, “I think he’s a little weaker than us” when asked to evaluate Carrot’s ‘trap defense’, which drives handlers to ‘limb’.

Byun Jun-hyeong, who said “we are the original,” added, “Moon Seong-gon and Park Ji-hoon and I have been together (so far), so I think we will do better at that defense.”

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