‘Best box office record ever’ WBC final audience exceeded 1.3 million

The 2023 WBC (World Baseball Classic) ended with the highest box office record ever.

The 2023 WBC final between Japan and the United States was held on the 22nd (hereinafter Korean time) at Londipor Park in Miami, Florida, USA. A total of 36,098 paying spectators entered the game that day. Londipo Park, home of the Major League Miami Marlins, has a total of 36,742 seats sold out when a baseball game is held. Virtually 10,000 spectators filled the ballpark at the WBC final. 35,933 paying spectators also entered the Japan-Mexico semifinal match held at Londipor Park the day before.

According to local media reports, the total number of spectators in the 47 matches played at the 2023 WBC was 1,306,414. the highest number ever. The total number of spectators at the matches held at Londipor Park alone reached 475,269.메이저사이트

The previous four WBC box office performances were not so good. Even the first tournament in 2006, in which a large number of major leaguers participated, was ignored by American fans.

The previous record for highest attendance was in 2017. It was unofficial at the time, but the total number of spectators was tentatively counted at 1,086,720. It was the first WBC to exceed 1 million spectators. This time, the number of spectators far exceeded that figure, and it was a box office success.

As the WBC was held six years after the 2017 tournament, interest from baseball fans around the world was high. In particular, as the MLB Secretariat, the host of the tournament, increased the number of participating countries from 16 to 20, it is evaluated that interest has increased. Interest naturally exploded as Mexico, Italy, and Australia, as well as countries participating in the WBC for the first time such as England, Czech Republic, and Nicaragua, achieved a turnaround that recorded the highest ever record.

The first round of the main round was held at Zhouji Baseball Stadium in Taichung, Taiwan, Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan, Phoenix Chase Field in Arizona, USA, and Londipo Park in the US.

In particular, the heat for baseball in the United States and Japan was very hot in this tournament. The Tokyo Dome had more than 30,000 spectators even though it was not a Japanese game. Unlike previous WBC tournaments in the U.S., the local fans’ interest was high and the seats were full every day. In particular, in the case of the finals and semi-finals, all tickets were sold out before the tournament even started.

This WBC box office performance is higher than the number of home game spectators in a year for quite a few major league clubs. Last year, the Oakland Athletics had home attendance of 787,902 in 79 games and the Miami Marlins had home attendances of 907,487 in 81 games.

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