Barça, unable to laugh at winning, reviewing layoffs of 120 employees

Spain’s powerful Barcelona cannot smile even with the regular league championship cup in front of them.

This is because the possibility of mass layoffs of employees was predicted at a time when the transfer market was virtually put on hold this summer due to serious financial difficulties.

Spain’s ‘As’ reported on the 2nd that Barcelona is considering layoffs of 120 workers due to cost cuts.

Barcelona’s financial difficulties are serious. Last year, when income plummeted due to Corona 19, debt exceeded 1 trillion won. Nevertheless, with the funds secured through the sale of assets, the ability to challenge for the first championship after the 2018-2019 season has now reached its limit.카지노

Barcelona visited two Spanish banks (Caixa Bank and Banco Santandale) on the 31st of last month to inquire about loans. Barcelona can borrow up to 49.5 million euros (about 70.3 billion won) more, but there are too many places for the money to go. Not only is the home stadium Camp Nou ahead of renovation work, but the return of Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain) should also be considered this summer.

Primera Liga president Javier Tebas is concerned about Barcelona’s overinvestment, even considering layoffs. Even now, in order to have financial soundness, he said, “Barcelona reduced player investment and recommended that players be sold.” Barcelona currently has 650 million euros (about 923.1 billion won) in labor costs, and it is evaluated that it will avoid bankruptcy only if it is reduced to 450 million euros (about 639.1 billion won).

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