Bae Ji-hwan “Now is the time for ML’s first home run, Shim Jun-seok will do well on his own”

Bae Ji-hwan (24), a Korean prospect for the Pittsburgh Pirates, heads to the United States again with the dream of becoming a full-time major leaguer.

On the 10th, Bae Ji-hwan departed for Florida, USA, where Pittsburgh’s spring training was held via Incheon International Airport.

Bae Ji-hwan, who finally achieved his dream of debuting in the major leagues last year, appeared in 10 games to adapt smoothly, recording a batting average of .333 (11 hits in 33 at-bats), an on-base percentage of .405, and a slugging percentage of .424 with 6 RBIs and 3 stolen bases.

Bae Ji-hwan said in an interview before leaving the country that day, “My first goal is to play the full season for the first time without getting hurt.” I only ate real food and did weight training,” he said, revealing his greed for the first home run in his major league debut at the same time as establishing himself as a full-time major leaguer.

The following is a Q&A with Bae Ji-hwan.

-How did he prepare while staying in Korea?
“I came to Seoul instead of living in my hometown, and I received a lot of help, so I tried to pay attention to good things. My main goal is to be an athlete, so I tried to exercise a lot. The reason I came late was because I wanted to eat a lot of home-cooked meals.”

– I heard that you also encountered Pilates. .
“I wanted to try a sport I hadn’t tried before. I thought it had nothing to do with baseball, but when I tried it, it helped a lot” “

– Choi Ji-man said that he benefited from Pilates a lot in the past.

– There is talk about fixing the position. Where was the most comfortable between the infield and the outfield?
“I’m not bragging, I’m really comfortable with any position. What I’m most greedy for is being in the lineup, not sticking to a certain position and batting order a few times

. “
“Since I was young, I was inspired a lot by seeing seniors I respect helping people in need, and I conveyed to the company that I wanted to try it too

. ”
“Of course, I am greedy. As you know, the captain (Andrew McCutchen) has returned and a lot of veteran players have joined, so I want to learn while taking advantage of the seniors’ strengths one by one

. “
“Last year, I was distracted because I only had friends my age. I was hot when I did well like a pot, and cold when I didn’t. I wonder if the seniors would be able to capture that atmosphere well

. “
“I’m too close to them, so I can’t say cheesy things, and even if I can’t throw well, I hope they catch it well

. ” First of all, if I could give you some advice as a senior who has walked this path.
“I don’t think I’m going to say this or that because it depends on the player’s personality and what he does. (Shim) Jun-seok is also coming to the United States after receiving recognition, so I believe he will do well on his own, but if he needs help, I hope he can talk to me anytime.”

– Last year, I did well, but this year, I think I will have my own personal goals and resolutions.
“My first goal is to play the full season for the first time without getting hurt” 안전놀이터

– Is there anything you really want to do on the major league stage this year?
“Since I’ve done my first hit, first stolen base, and first RBI, it’s time for my first home run. It is true that this fly”

– Today (the 10th) is the day when the final entry for all WBCs is announced.
“Representing the country in any field or sport is something that can be of great pride and is the dream of every baseball player, so I think you will know everything without having to answer.”

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