‘Asia Ballon d’Or’ Korean reporter ‘Kim Min-jae ranked first’… Heung-Min Son, 6th in a row

The Asian stage is too narrow for world-class Son Heung-min. He was voted Asia’s best soccer player for six consecutive years by the Chinese media.

China’s ‘Titanzhou Bao’ announced on the 6th that Son Heung-min was selected as the winner of the ‘2022 Asian Golden Globe Awards’.

With this, Son Heung-min has risen to the top Asian player for the 6th consecutive year since 2017 and the 8th time in his career. Earlier, Son Heung-min also won this award in 2014 and 2015.

In 2016, Okazaki Shinji (Japan) became the winner once, but Son Heung-min regained it again.

The ‘Asian Golden Globe Awards’ was established in 2013 by Titan Zhou Bao, conceived from the Ballon d’Or awarded by the French media, France Football. It is awarded to players who are active in countries or teams belonging to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

The voting method is also very similar in that it gives differential scores to the 1st to 5th ranks.

The Asian Golden Globe Awards is a method in which Asian football journalists and experts vote for 6 points for the 1st, 4 points for the 2nd, 3 points for the 3rd, 2 points for the 4th, and 1 point for the 5th, and sum the scores. 온라인카지노

Son Heung-min, who recorded the most awards ever, received the most 256 points (26.7%). It received 30 votes for the 1st priority, 15 votes for the 2nd priority, 2 votes for the 3rd priority, 4 votes for the 4th priority, and 2 votes for the 5th priority. This is the result of being recognized for the achievement of becoming the first Asian player to win the top scorer in the Premier League last season.

Previously, Son Heung-min broke his personal best ranking by ranking 11th at the Ballon d’Or ceremony last year as well. This is also the highest ranking among Asian players.

It was a natural result for Son Heung-min, who ranked 11th in the European Ballon d’Or, to become the highest in Asia. Now, it has been proven that there is no rival in Asia.

On the other hand, Kim Min-jae, who is playing a big role in Naples, also took 4th place with 99 points, and two Korean players were included in the top 10.

Mehdi Taremi (Porto) of the Iranian national team ranked second with 120 points (12.5%), and Salem Al Dosari (Riyadh) of Saudi Arabia, who played a major role in defeating Argentina at the Qatar World Cup, scored 112 points (11.7%). ) came in third place.

However, reporter Seo Ho-jeong, who participated as a representative of Korea, had a different idea and gave Kim Min-jae the first place vote as a ‘world-class’ defender.

Heung-Min Son in 2nd place, Mitoma in 3rd place, Doan Ritz (Freiburg) in 4th place, Daichi Gamada (Frankfurt) in 5th place, and Middle Eastern and Iranian players were excluded and players who are active in Europe were selected. 

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