Arsenal needs to improve defense… “Kim Min-jae needs to preoccupy quickly”

The defense collapsed at the most important moment. Accordingly, locals in the UK insist that Arsenal must quickly preoccupy Kim Min-jae in order to challenge for the championship again next season.

Arsenal lost 0-3 to Brighton & Hove Albion in the 36th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season held at Emirates Stadium in London, England at 0:30 on the 15th (Korean time). With this, Arsenal could not close the gap with Man City, who had won three points just before.

Arsenal, challenging for the first time since the 2003-04 season. It was a continuation of cruising until the middle of the season. Since the opening, it has maintained first place all the way, and the gap with Man City has even widened to 9 points. However, after losing the head-to-head match, the difference gradually narrowed, and recently even the rankings were reversed. With a desperate heart, I tried to win against Brighton in the home room, but it was just a vain expectation. Arsenal suffered a humiliating 0-3 defeat at home and were unable to close the gap with Manchester City. With one more game played than Man City, the difference in points was as high as four points.스포츠토토

In fact, hopes of winning were dashed. Accordingly, in order for Arsenal to challenge for the championship again next season, it continues to be argued that the squad must be strengthened.

British football media ‘Cut Offside’ said, “We must forget Declan Rice. In order for Arsenal to win the title next season, they must beat Manchester United and negotiate a transfer worth 55 million euros.” There are obvious flaws that need to be fixed in order to come back.”

The first priority was to improve the defense. The media said, “Arsenal’s transfer market will be aggressive this summer. Rice may be the top target, but there is definitely another person who should be at the top of manager Mikel Arteta’s list. That is Napoli centre-back Kim Min-jae. Man United will be most interested.” One of the clubs in sight, with a 55 million euro buyout clause, in contrast Rice cost more than twice as much Arsenal had a broken defense at crucial moments and lacked experience Arsenal could get Kim Min-jae ahead of Man Utd It should be,” he advised.

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