Armed with ‘Desperation’…”Han and Hunger After Not Playing”

National soccer team player Oh Hyun-gyu traveled to Qatar as a reserve at last year’s World Cup, and now he’s confidently challenging for a starting spot on the Klinsmann’s team.

Oh Hyun-gyu, who left Suwon Samseong for Celtic in Scotland in January, has ‘grown by storm’ in just half a year.

He scored seven goals to help Celtic win three titles despite not having enough time to settle in, and in a trial against Uruguay in March, he really impressed Klinsmann with a powerful one-timer, albeit one that was disallowed for offside.

[Oh Hyun-kyu/FW: I feel that the Oh Hyun-kyu who plays for Celtic now is stronger than the Oh Hyun-kyu who was in the K League, and I feel that he has more weapons].

On the competition for frontline striker, which was a two-way battle between Hwang Eui-jo and Cho Kyu-sung.

[Oh Hyun-gyu/Forward: (Hwang) Ui-jo and (Cho) Kyu-sung are the brothers who made me dream, and I will do my best whether I play one minute or 90 minutes].먹튀검증

Oh shared Vento’s journey at last year’s World Cup in Qatar as the 27th Taegeuk Warrior, a reserve member instead of the 26 regular members.

Although he helped the team reach the round of 16 without a number, he was disappointed not to play, which makes him even more eager for next January’s Asian Cup in Qatar, which will be held at the same venue.

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