Another new ‘super heroine’ appeared…’Samsung Life’ missing three main players

It is a great reversal for Yongin Samsung Life Insurance. I was worried about the playoffs as three key players were left out, but now I am the most advanced in the fight for second place. This is thanks to the new superheroes appearing in every game.

Samsung Life Insurance has succeeded in winning three games in a row. On the 2nd, they achieved a surprise victory against the ‘strongest’ Asan Woori Bank, and on the 4th, they easily captured the lowest ranked Bucheon Hanawon Q. In the home game against Busan BNK Some held the previous day (8th), they won 78-73. With a record of 14 wins and 10 losses for the season, Incheon Shinhan Bank and BNK (above 13 wins and 10 losses) tied for 3rd place, and rose to second place alone.

What stands out is that a new heroine appears in every game. In the match against BNK the previous day, 20-year-old Lee Hae-ran scored 19 points and Kang Yu-rim scored 16 points, supporting ‘sister’ Hye-yoon Bae (20 points). Kang Yoo-rim played an active part in the offense and defense, recording 8 rebounds and 4 assists, including 4 3-pointers. In particular, he broke the will to pursue BNK by hitting a decisive 3-point shot with about a minute left in the game. Lee Hae-ran also helped Samsung Life win by consistently scoring in close matches.

Veteran Bae Hye-yoon is a support that young players can trust and rely on. He does not hesitate to do dirty work for the team even when he is not in good condition due to large and small injuries. It is also a plus factor that juniors inspire fighting whenever they are tired. 스포츠토토

When I won the match against Hana One Q on the 4th, the heroine was different. Jo Soo-ah scored 15 points, Shin Iseul and Kim Dan-bi each scored 11 points. In a situation where Bae Hye-yoon only played for 7 minutes and 11 seconds, the tight defense and the players’ even performance led them to win. Jo Soo-ah is 20 years old and Shin I-seul is only 23 years old. His bold and reckless play stood out. Danbi Kim, who has a lot of winning experience, plays the role of a solver whenever necessary. He rebounded on the inside and outside of the goalposts and had the strength to compete with the opponent’s ace. He has long been known as a powerful player.

The heroine against Woori Bank on the 2nd was Lee Hae-ran, who scored 22 points. Kang Yoo-rim added 19 points and Jo Soo-ah added 12 points. The average age of these three players is 22 years old. Even so, the ‘superstar corps’ Woori Bank was captured. It is also surprising that Lee Hae-ran, Kang Yoo-rim, and Jo Soo-ah combined for 31 rebounds.

Samsung Life seemed to have a hard time this season. Starting guard Yoon Ye-bin was seriously injured before the season, and in the middle of the season, Ju-yeon Lee and Kiana Smith were ruled out for the season. It was a crisis where the three main players were injured at once. However, Samsung Life achieved a great turnaround. A new hero emerges every game to lead the team. It is a bonus that young players who get a chance to compete grow up terribly while gaining experience. Samsung Life is expected to grow into a stronger team.

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