adaptation? Breath? I don’t worry about the ‘transfer student’ catcher…”It’s up to me”

“It’s up to me.”

Park Se-hyeok (33) starts his life in earnest with his new team, NC Dinos. On the 29th, he headed to Tucson, Arizona, USA where the spring camp was held through Incheon International Airport with the NC team. Park Se-hyeok, who moved his nest this winter, set out on his way to Korea with a fluttering heart. He said, “It’s been a while since I trained overseas. I’m excited. It’s also my first training with a new team. It feels different.”

Park Se-hyeok, who was the big 4 catcher in this Stove League. His contract period was 4 years, and he became a member of the dinosaur corps for a total of 4.6 billion won (down payment of 1.8 billion won, total annual salary of 2.4 billion won, and incentives of 400 million won). He devoted himself to training during the off-season to live up to NC’s expectations. He said, “I signed a contract because the team wanted me. I think there are certain things they want from me. I spent most of my time exercising. I did a lot of technical training as well as weight training.”

He plans to do a lot of training in the spring camp as well. As it is a preparation process for one season, I am determined not to neglect it. In addition, I have a strong desire to set an example for young players.

Park Se-hyuk promised to take the lead, saying, “Even at the spring camp, I plan to exercise a lot to maintain my condition. There are many young players, so I want to show a leading figure. I want to inspire fighting spirit.”

Due to the nature of the catcher position, breathing with the pitchers is important. It is the first time he has to receive the ball from NC pitchers, but Park Se-hyuk is not worried. He only thinks of getting closer to the players as soon as possible. He said, “Because we live together, we can get closer during spring camp. 메이저놀이터

He said, “I think it will take time to become close to each other. But reducing that time is also my responsibility. It depends on how I do it. I have to blend in and adapt to the team. There are many good pitchers on the team, so bringing out their abilities is key. I think that’s my goal,” he said, raising his voice.

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