75 billion Shin Sung “I will not play for Manchester United” bomb declaration → ‘Love call’ from Juventus in 10 days → An old colleague laid the bridge

Manchester United Mason Greenwood spoke his mind to close friends last month. “I will never play for Manchester United in the future.”

It was a story he told his best friends, but it was immediately published. British media published articles like this on the 29th of last month. United have been delaying action against Greenwood for over three months.

In fact, Man United is also in a difficult position. Given Greenwood’s talent, it’s natural to bring him back. However, opposition to his return is not easy, and some of the female and male players in the team are also opposing his return.

Greenwood was released from custody in January of last year on charges of assaulting his girlfriend and others. During her trial, her charges were dropped thanks to victims’ refusal to testify, leaving her completely free in early February. He wanted to return to Manchester United immediately, but the club used its own process as an excuse to delay his return.

The Sun reported on the 7th that Italian Serie A Juventus, across the sea, started signing him about 10 days after this report came out. The media reported that the club started signing Greenwood because Paul Pogba, who currently plays for Juventus, made a strong request to the club.

According to The Sun, Juventus are ready to offer Mason Greenwood a fresh start in Italy. Juventus have made it clear that they are interested in him.

It is said that Juventus has already carefully reviewed the transfer of Greenwood. Juventus are said to be planning to ask United to send Greenwood on a long-term loan during this summer’s transfer window after this season. Greenwood is under contract until the summer of 2025.

Not only Juventus, but also AC Milan and AS Roma are said to be interested in signing Greenwood. Of course, the Turkiye teams have also expressed their intention to recruit Manchester United’s divinity.

For the transfer of Greenwood, not only the club but also Paul Pogba are moving together. Aside from what Juventus is discussing with Greenwood’s agent, the Sun’s report is that Pogba is also working hard to make use of his relationship with Greenwood at Manchester United. Pogba and Greenwood played together at Manchester United from 2016 to January 2022.메이저놀이터

Greenwood was once evaluated as a player worth about 50 million pounds (about 75.5 billion won). He also made a name for himself as one of the hottest teenage strikers in European football. Everyone admits that you have really outstanding talent.

However, interest in him faded a lot as he caused unpleasant incidents such as assaulting his girlfriend. But with his innocence confirmed, his interest in Greenwood is rekindled.

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