55-year-old Miura “If there is a recruitment offer, there is no retirement”

Kazuyoshi Miura, 55 years old, still continues his dream of active duty.

Japanese football legend Miura has turned 55, but he is still continuing his career. He resigned from Yokohama FC at the end of 2021 and retired from the higher leagues, but continued his playing career by transferring on loan to Suzuka Point Getters in the 4th division, where his older brother is the manager.

It didn’t end here. Miura recently moved on a six-month loan to UD Oliveirense in the Portuguese second division and advanced to Europe at the age of over 50.

In fact, this may be the end of his challenge, but Miura still dreams of extending his career. He appeared on Japan’s ‘Fuji TV’ on the 29th and was asked, “Would you like to continue playing as an active player?”, “This transfer to Portugal is six months 온라인바카라. It will be over in an instant. If there is no offer after that, it may be over, but if there is an offer, I want to continue.”

Strictly speaking, it is an active life close to showmanship. Yokohama FC, a representative unpopular team in Japan, was eager to promote through Miura, and his playing time was short enough to be called record-making. Since the main source of income for Yokohama FC was advertisements coming in after seeing Miura, there were not a few opinions criticizing the extension of his active service.

His grades are also gradually declining. Last season, Miura scored only two goals in 18 appearances. Miura said, “Soccer is really hard to produce results. The team performance was not good, and my individual performance was not good,” he said, admitting his own reality to some extent.

However, he expressed the opposite opinion, saying, “There was still something to be gained.”

Miura expressed her intention to extend her active service, saying, “The moment of retirement will come soon,” but revealed that retirement is not far away.

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