‘224cm alien’ Wembanyama “Talent to surpass LeBron”

French basketball star Wemban Yama is a hot topic.

Along with his overwhelming height of 2 meters and 24 centimeters, he is even evaluated as a talent that surpasses LeBron.

The US NBA is already excited.

This is reporter Kim Tae-woon.

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NBA rookie draft order lottery.

When San Antonio took first place, the owner couldn’t hide his joy.

“Let’s go! Hou~ let’s go!”

Around the same time, the San Antonio area was literally turned upside down.

[Peter John Holt/San Antonio Owner]
“I’m about to pass out. I feel really good. Everyone who loves San Antonio is excited now.”

The reason I’m so happy is that I was able to nominate Umbanyama.

Wembanyama, a 19-year-old from France who is considered the best talent since Lebron.

Despite his height of 2 meters and 24 centimeters, he shows elegant dribbling like a guard and is capable of versatile attacks with a 3-point shot.

He has already received rave reviews from the best players in his career, earning him the nickname Alien.

[LeBron James/LA Lakers]
“Wembanyama is like an alien. Although he is tall, he shows smooth and graceful movements. It is important to think of him as ‘the talent of the century’ and not get hurt.”메이저놀이터

“It’s like a player made from a game character. It’s like using a ‘cheat key’. He’s a great player and he’s fun to play.”

Wembanyama, who performed impressively in today’s French league match, did not hide his expectations for the stage of his dreams.

“It’s a feeling I can’t explain. My heart is racing. It’s a really special moment, and I think I’ll never forget it in my life.”

This is Kim Tae-woon from MBC News.

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