‘2 consecutive wins of reversal’ Jeju ‥ ‘7 games without a win’ Suwon

In professional football, Jeju succeeded in reversing the atmosphere with two consecutive victories, but Suwon failed to win in its 7th game after the opening.

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It was a confrontation between the lower ranked teams, but the match was a slugfest as they desperately needed a win.메이저놀이터

Suwon gained momentum with Basani’s first goal, but Jeju’s counterattack was fierce.

Jeju, who balanced with Yuri Jonatan’s equalizer, widened the score to 3-1 with a multi-goal from substitute Hayes.

Suwon chased after Yoo Je-ho’s K-League debut goal at the last minute, but that was it.

In the end, Jeju, which won two consecutive victories, succeeded in reversing the mood, while Suwon fell into a severe slump without winning their 7th game after the opening.

The match between Pohang, which is undefeated, and Seoul, which is scoring in the previous game, for 2nd and 3rd place was also tense.

Two minutes into the game, Seoul laughed first.

Na Sang-ho’s free kick from the side~

This goes in!

Na Sang-ho’s 4th goal of the season, aiming for an opponent’s gap.

However, Pohang’s Kim In-seong scored an equalizer at the end of the first half, and both teams were unable to decide the winner.

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