1st and 2nd ball bunt posture → fake bunt & slash & run. Surprising operation + Big Boy’s clothesline double = 5 points 

The fake bunt and slash and run that caught the eye completely turned the atmosphere around.

The LG Twins destroyed the opponent’s selection, which was fighting hard, with a strategy.

In the home game against KT Wiz held in Jamsil on the 17th, LG was dragged 0-2 in the beginning. Lim Chan-gyu blocked it with 2 runs while receiving 8 hits until the beginning of the 4th inning, but the lineup was blocked by Bo Schul-seo and did not explode.

In the bottom of the 2nd inning, 2 outs were made with 2 walks, 1st and 2nd base, but it was regrettable that Lee Jae-won with the 8th struck out.

However, he did not miss the right opportunity. In the bottom of the 4th inning, Austin’s hit in the 4th and Oh Ji-hwan’s walk in the 5th resulted in safe first and second bases. Moon Bo-gyeong, number 6, took a bunt stance from the first pitch. A strategy to create 1 company, 2nd and 3rd base, and aim for a shot at No. 7 Park Dong-Won and No. 8 Lee Jae-Won.메이저놀이터

It was a first pitch and a two-ball strike, but Moon Bo-kyung took a bunt stance but did not hit it. When Schulser pitched on the third pitch, runners on first and second base started running. And Moon Bo-gyeong changed from his bunt stance to his batting stance and hit a 145km fastball, which became a heavy hit as it slipped into the middle. Second base runner Austin, who had already started, stepped home, and Oh Ji-hwan reached third base. The atmosphere was heated up with the success of the wonderful operation, and Park Dong-won picked a walk at the end of a full count match and became full base. Lee Jae-won, who struck out in the bottom of the second inning, was different this time. He hit the cutter with a 140km first pitch. A bullet-like line drive batted ball flew to the center, and center fielder Alford stepped back, but the batted ball was so fast that he could not catch it. All three runners scored, making it 4-2.

A strategy to call the runner on second base safely into the home is activated. Lee Jae-Won went to third base with Kim Min-Sung’s bunt in the ninth, and Hong Chang-Ki’s hit made it home, 5-2.

The combination of tactical baseball and one shot produced the result of a big inning of 5 runs.

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